Thursday, December 30, 2004


Accents are a funny thing...Anywhere in the World you go, someone has an accent...Even anywhere in the US...I was watching Fear Factor last week and there was this guy from the East coast and he kept talking with a British accent, so the host asked him if he was from England and this is what he said...."Uh no I just play soccer with some guys from England and I ended up with this accent."...
Huh? Ended up with an accent? I mean was it like a rash? Once you get it it just spreads all over? So if I go and play frisbee golf with a bunch of preppies am I going to end up talking like them? "Yes dahling. Whatever you say daahling." If I go and hang out in Cuyemongue am I going to end up sounding like them?
The guy sounded like a dork and I'm pretty sure everyone except his soccer buddies thinks he is a dork...

And with that here is a photo of the view from our room when we were on our honeymoon in a small, quaint, little town in Northern Italy called Bressanone...

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EEEE, A la!
I thought it was
EEE! A la machina!!!
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