Saturday, February 12, 2005

Story of a madman, the final chapter....

“Ted can you help me with these bags?” Lucy asked as she came through the door.
“Sure hon give me just a sec.” I replied as I set the paint down. I walked over to her and grabbed them from her. “What in God’s name are you doing Ted?” she said as she looked at the plastic lining the living room.
“Oh I decided to repaint the living room.” I answered as I set the bags on the counter. “Is that ok?” I added.
“Well I guess.” she replied with a frown. “I’ve never known you to be one to take on such a heavy task.”
I looked at her with such hate in my eyes I thought they would burn up. “Well I just felt like a change.” I said. “What about you? Don’t you want a change?”
Lucy looked at me with wide eyes. “Change is one thing Ted, but this? Have you gone mad?”
I began laughing. “No dear I just thought the room would look better with a fresh coat of paint.” I moved toward the fireplace. “Come over here and look at the color I chose.”
She came over and looked down at the can. As she did that I grabbed the axe. She looked up and I saw smile on her face.
“Now Ted, you really don’t think you could do it do you? Lucy said as she started towards me. “You ungrateful little SHIT!! After all I have done for you?! After everything we’ve been through?”
I brought the axe out and started to back away from her. I began to shake.
“Scared are we?” she added with an evil grin. “Good Ted be afraid. You can’t kill me. No matter what you do I will always come back.”
She took a step towards me and I swung the axe. I felt it go into her head and I heard the sound like a coconut being cracked open. Blood splattered my face. I pulled the axe out and swung it again and again. A blood curdling scream enveloped my mind. It was one full of hate, anger, pain and death. I didn’t know if it came from me or from it. I was in a state of frenzy. I just kept swinging and swinging. I finally stopped when the axe slipped from my blood covered hands. I looked around and saw blood everywhere. On the plastic. On the walls. On the kitchen floor. I looked down and saw what was left of it. It was just a pulsating mass of flesh and blood. As I stared at it I saw what seemed to be thousands of small arm like tendrils coming from out of the mess. I screamed and ran towards the door. I felt something wrap around my ankle and it pulled me down. I felt a searing pain in my leg as the thing began to wind itself up towards my knee. I struggled and began to kick at it. I pulled myself towards the door. My hand landed on the axe handle. I picked it up and began to chop away at the bloody mass. Once again the screams flooded my head. It felt as if my eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. The thing kept winding further and further up my body, squeezing the life out of me. I gave one last swing of the axe and the thing became still. The tendrils crushing me finally relaxed. I stood up and once again looked around. I began laughing. Laughing like a hysterical madman.

That’s the last thing I can remember. Now I sit here in an office painted in soothing white. I guess so as to not upset the patients. I sit here and talk about what happened and they just nod with approval and write something down. I looked at the Doctor and he smiled.
“So Ted, do you feel any remorse about what you did?” the doctor asked. “Do you feel any pain or sadness for chopping your wife up?”
I began to become uneasy at the questions he was asking.
“Do you wish you could take it all back Ted? he added. “Do you pray at night that you will be forgiven for cutting your wife up in pieces you sad little fuck?”
I looked up and he was smiling. Large sharp teeth jutted out of his mouth. He began to stand up. “Do you miss your son Ted? Oh how good he tasted. How do they say it? Finger lickin good?”
I began to cry.
“I told you Ted. I’ll always come back.” he said.
“I warned you that you could never get rid of me that easy”
I started to scream.
“Come now Ted. Do you really think that we wouldn’t have soundproof walls in here? With all the screaming that goes on anyway you won’t sound any different than all the crazies here” He came around to my side of the desk.
“Oh Ted I’ve missed you. Shall we begin where we left off?" he said as he leaned closer.
“We’re going to have so much fun”

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